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H.O.P.E, Inc's mission is to serve low-income single parents working to obtain a college degree by providing assistance in subsidized housing, child care assistance, social services, and life skills.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

About Hope, Inc.

Statistics show that the number one reason students do not finish their college education is due to financial stress. In fact, 38% drop out (with intentions to return to school once they can afford to); however, 54% never finish their degree. 20% of the students enrolled in college are single parents. Our purpose is to help single parents focus on their academics with out the anxieties of shelter lost and childcare issues.
            The organization will assist single-parents by providing them with subsidized housing vouchers and child care vouchers while they are attending school. The vouchers will be directly paid to the apartment leasing offices and direct child care providers on behalf of the program participants.
H.O.P.E, Inc will determine eligibility by conducting an application process, in which the individuals would provide an application, proof of dependency and residency, proof of employment and income (last four check stubs), and proof of academic enrollment, as well as current/last semester transcript. Applicants are not expected to pay to participate in our program.

The qualifications for H.O.P.E participant are as follows:
-          Must be a US Citizen
-          Must be a single parent.
-          Must be a high school graduate, or have obtained a GED
-          Must be enrolled in a two or four year college as FT student
-          Must be employed as a FT or PT employee
-          Must show financial need
-          Once in the program must maintain a B average (all applicants will be required to provide transcripts of grades after every semester)


-          Rent assistance up to $400 a month (depending on their financial need) for a maximum of 2 yrs if enrolled in a 2 year college or 4 years if enrolled in a 4 year college.
-          Childcare assistance up to $100 a week (depending on their financial need) for a maximum of 2 yrs if enrolled in a 2 year college or 4 years if enrolled in a 4 year college.
-          Assistance with obtaining other social service aid such as Medicaid, food stamps, and child care outside of the organizations assistance if the applicant applies for such need.
-          Seminars on life skills such as financial budgeting and job related trainings to help empower the individual.
-          Spiritual Edification courses will be provided at the request of the applicant.