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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Your Single V-Day Survival Guide

The good news? This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday. For singles, this makes it relatively easy to think of the so-called holiday as just another work day. The bad news? Well, Valentine’s Day is still right around the corner.

                                                     Image by Wildshuetz (Pixabay)

Being single on Valentine’s Day can evoke feelings of loneliness (and the potential problems that come with that), but it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can depend on the go-to tricks for self-soothing this February. The staple NPR coverage of the dark origins of Valentine’s Day works for some, while others look forward to February 14th as the day to score some seriously discounted chocolates. However, having a game plan for the big day can be a fantastic way for many singles to make it through the heart- and pink-infused kerfuffle of February.

Tuesday, February 14th: Game Plan

Morning: Sleep in if you can. Every day might have 24 hours, but that doesn’t mean you have to fill all of them with busy work. Plus, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that 33 percent of American adults are sleep deprived. Lack of sleep can lead to a host of diseases, slow metabolisms, and of course all the usual side-effects such as lack of clarity, memory, and a poor disposition.

Early Rituals: Practice healthy, kind morning rituals this February 14th—and challenge yourself to stick to them throughout the year. Begin your day without a rush, make time for stretches, or try making yourself a healthy breakfast instead of skipping it or calling the splash of creamer in your coffee “nutrition.”

Mid-Day: If you work in an environment where it’s common for co-workers to get bombarded with flowers or singing telegrams, know that this is the worse part about Valentine’s Day for many. You are far from alone. However, empathy is a trait that must be consciously practiced and Valentine’s Day is a great time to hone those skills. Challenge yourself to be genuinely happy for your co-workers. Take joy in their joy, notice the beauty of the gifts, and remember that a happy work life is akin to more happiness yourself. Numerous studies show that happy employees are more productive, so if you’re in a management position that’s an added bonus!

Lunch: If it’s possible, take yourself on a day date or make a mid-day date with friends or co-workers. Slow down. Eat with intention, and let go of distractions. If you’re a noon gym-goer, don’t let the holiday throw you. Maximize your workout, listen to your favorite feel-good songs, and remember that using any holiday as an excuse to slack will probably make you feel worse in a few hours.

Afternoon: Schedule a happy hour meetup with friends, or plan your own solo outing designed with health and intention in mind. Try an urban hike along a route you’re unfamiliar with on foot, check out a new bookstore, or head to a movie and know that if you’re going alone for the first time, it’s really not as scary as you might think. Choose a theater with good food and drinks for a little buffer.

Evening: This can be the toughest time for some singles on Valentine’s Day—but it shouldn’t be. It’s a work day, you’re heading into the mid-week slump tomorrow, and on any other Tuesday you’d likely be doing unremarkable tasks from laundry to reading anyway. Stick with your normal Tuesday evening tasks to transition smoothly into Wednesday.

Of course, if you’re simply aching for a little Valentine’s Day love after the sun sets, you can always treat yourself. A long shower, new-to-you show to gauge for weekend binge watching, or lovingly prepared meal for yourself (with enough leftovers for the rest of the work week) is a savvy act of self-love you can indulge in any day of the year.

Written by: Michelle Peterson