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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Setting SMART Goals

Setting SMART Goals


A goal defines where you are going, and helps motivate you along the way.  The steps toward achieving the goal are the roadmap.  Some parts of the map are difficult, but having the end point helps remind you why your hard work is worth it. 


Taking the time to put your goals in writing has many benefits:

·        A goal gives you a target to aim for.  Something that is meaningful to you.

·        A goal helps focus your time and energy.

·        A goal can provide motivation, persistence, and desire.

·        A goal can help you prioritize your activities and choices.


Defining your goal takes a little work.  Goals should be SMART:

·        Specific.  Be as specific as you can about your goal.  Want to save $1,000 for an emergency fund within a year?  Want to earn a 3.0 next semester?

·        Measurable.  Define your goal so you can determine if you’ve reached it and/or made steps along the way.  Seeing measurable results will motivate you.

·        Attainable.  Aim high, but also set goals that are achievable.  Make sure you are willing and able to work toward your goal. 

·        Relevant.  Goals should be important to you!  You’ll care more about reaching goals that you’ve chosen and have personal meaning.

·        Time-Bound.  Set a time-frame for meeting your goal.   Without a time-frame, there’s no urgency.  Also, you can monitor your progress and results.


Go ahead, take a couple minutes to write out one of your goals, whether it’s in the financial, career, or personal arena.  Make it a SMART goal.  Now tuck that goal someplace where you can look at it from time to time to remind you of one of your priorities.  You deserve to achieve your dreams!




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